• Episode 58 (MP3) (AAC)

    Where we've been rant, Mac Pro, PHP5.2.4, Ubuntu, Smoothwall, Gentoo, Learning rant, Gmail & IMAP, Google Evil?, Google buys Doubleclick, Blocking Firefox, Smoothwall Squid, Online cheating, GrandCentral, Micro Projectors, Vista, Gaming: Console vs. PC, Cheap Office for students

  • Episode 57 (MP3) (AAC)

    Lone Star Beer, Powered subwoofers, Apple & ZFS, Apple's FS conversion patent, 2nd party developers, Pinger, CallWave, Google Mobile, Mac vs Vista Chess, GotVoice, UnWired Buyer, scanR, tesseract-ocr, Jott, Cell Water Damage, Braincast, Song 411, Postie, TextPayMe, Zune, Woot, Apple WWDC 2007, Safari for Windows, Coverflow in Finder, Parallels Server, 3D Dock

  • Episode 56 (MP3) (AAC)

    SANS Security, Ventrilo, Email from Scott Lewis, Shell/Bash, Command Line Editing, find, Home Entertainment, Speaker Setup, Philips Pronto, Systm, reCAPTCHA, Google Street Maps, iPhone 3rd-Party Development, ZFS In Leopard, movabletype, Substitute teacher gets new trial, Other People's Porn, The Slurpr WiFi aggregator, US high-speed Internet is slow, StarCraft II

  • Episode 55 (MP3) (AAC)

    Pig Pickin', ext3cow, RAID, SyncToy, DLT, LTO, ZFS, RAID as a backup, Consulting, motor generator, Digg.com Attempts To Suppress HD-DVD Revolt, AACS crack, DIRECTV's Anti-Piracy Enforcement, Security Isn't Just Avoiding Microsoft, Google warns of phishing sites, PEBKAC, ID10T error, Email from Scott Lewis, OpenSolaris, Solaris 10, FreeBSD vs. OSX Server, MacPorts, Vista comparison page, BitLocker

  • Episode 54 (MP3) (AAC)

    Hacker breaks into Mac, Launchy, quicksilver, Default Folder X, Seeing through walls with RF, Spying on typing sounds, Babbage difference engine, Power companies pay companies to virtualize, NAB, Final Cut Studio 2, Social Media, dooced, Sanctioned over MySpace, Companies and social media

  • Episode 53 (MP3) (AAC)

    Xserve light, No savings with DST, US teen jailed for DST mistake, WEP cracked in seconds, Securing Wi-Fi, Windows Home Server Beta 2, Color Computer 3, Osborne 1, Apple and EMI offer DRM free music, IBM doubles CPU cooling, Vonage, Wireless USB hub via 802.11g, DisplayPort, Serial ATA, Mac switchers, Leopard delayed to October, PostSecret

  • Episode 52 (MP3) (AAC)

    Daylight Savings, California Energy Commission, Full Spectrum CFL, Lab delpoyment, Macenterprise.org, Vista image install, Windows Automated Installation Kit, Novell ZENworks Suite, hdiutil, Xserve, Vista activation with Paradox, ACPI - SLIC (Wiki), Ballmer blames pirates, Office 20007 Compatibility Pack, Free online Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Joost, Nine Inch Nails 'Survivalism' for GarageBand

  • Episode 51 (MP3) (AAC)

    Sourcetrunk, dead iBook, open hard drives, FedEx, Bill Gates on Vista and Apple, Window Managers, Beryl, Enlightenment, Project Looking Glass, FVWM, LittleSnitch, DST is the US, Planex's 750GB NAS server and BitTorrent, ASUS WL-700gE, Jamendo, Steve Jobs Thoughts on Music, DRM isn't about piracy, Seagate DAVE, USB & U3, Hak5

  • Episode 50 (MP3) (AAC)

    Daily Show and Colbert Report, Widescreen vs Standard, Uproar over latest MOAB vulnerability, Colloquy, Irc versus I.R.C., Brian G.'s comments on Apple TV, Apple to charge for 802.11n, AirPort Disk, FUSEWiki FUSE FileSystems, Remote files, Encryption, Databases, Versioning, Torrent, Compression, ISO images, Logging, Union, NTFS, Music, Searching, Ideas: RSS-fs, LDAP-fs, CSV-fs & Excel-fs, mbox-fs (pop-fs, imap-fs), MS pays people to edit Wikipedia, 5 sins of Vista

  • Episode 49 (MP3) (AAC)

    Triple-head display, Hak 5, Synergy, RDP, Macworld Keynote, AppleTV, iPhone, Multi-touch, Seagate 1TB Hard Disk Drive, Month of Apple Bugs & Fixes, 3rd party MSFT patches, Windows Home Server, Picasa, FUSE, ZFS in Leopard, GooogIe Search (Faked)

  • Episode 48 (MP3) (AAC)

    New Blog, MacHeist, Wireless USB hub, Terabyte DVD, Free SkypeOut ends, Parallels Desktop & BootCamp, Crossover for Mac, Optimus Keyboards, Voice Mail form Grant in N.Z., Charles, Zend Platform, Shelling the Pod, DVD Jon and Fairplay, iTude, TiVo File Encryption, Office 2007 file format, Spoof Vista Activation Server, SMS Roomba

  • Episode 47 (MP3) (AAC)

    2nd Gen MacBooks, RadTech, Laser etching, Zune, UMG fee, Zune Marketplace, Apple and Beatles on iTunes, Zune Reviews, WheresJames Startup Manager, Zune vs iPod, iPod video, Zune and Media Center, Zune Video, GPLed Java, MS Employees and iPod, Creative MP3, Virtualization, Parallels, VMWare Player, VMWare Server, WMWare Workstation, Dr. Paul Juell

  • Episode 46 (MP3) (AAC)

    Voting, Hacking Democracy (HBO), Punchscan.org, Instant FM Music USB dongle for Web & FM recording, Tunatic, RDS: Radio Data System, Spanning Sync, Seagate hardware encryption, Tivo, BladeFrame EX from Egenera, .Net applications on Linux and Mac with Mono, Menu Master, Unsanity, GIMP

  • Episode 45 (MP3) (AAC)

    Mole Day, IE7, Firefox 2.0, openSUSE, Visa, Mastercard, AllofMP3, Music for Masses, Sun's Project Blackbox, scrybe, Ethereal, Smoothwall, ClamAV, oXygen XML editor, Firefox Web Developer Extension, iShowU, CamStudio, TCPView, Wireshark, Snapz Pro, Pinpoint

  • Episode 44 (MP3) (AAC)

    Zune Viral DRM update, iRiver, University Podcasting, Avid Free DV, Podcast trademark, Vista RC 2 Released, IE 7 coming soon, Web standards, E-mail from Aaron about Internet Radio, SHOUTcast, RadioLover, RipCast, Sirius Satellite Radio, Icecast, Rogue Amoeba, Fair Use

  • Episode 43 (MP3) (AAC)

    Frappr, Hak.5 USB Switchblade, Zune, iPods, Creative Vision W, 24k Gold iPod, Zune wireless, Zune Viral DRM, RIAA & CDRs, iTV, Media Center, MythTV, DVD recorders, Video Codecs, MythTV, mt-daapd Project - iTunes media server, IOData AvelLink Player2, K-Lite Codec Pack, Comparison of Display Technology

  • Episode 42 (MP3) (AAC)

    DSL Discussion, Dynamic DNS, Direct Update, Latency, Token Ring, Ethernet, Carrier Sense Multiple Access, Asus WL-700gE WiFi Router, Sharp Zaurus, Ethereal, Social Engineering: the USB Way, Disable AutoRun on Windows, U3 USB drives, myTunes strips iTMS DRM, myFairTunes6, FairUse4WM strips Windows Media DRM

  • Episode 41 (MP3) (AAC)

    Apple WWDC, Mac Pro, Intel Xeon, Alex (voice), Core Annimation, Spaces, Dashcode, Vista 2.0, iChat, Time Machine, iCal, CalDAV, OpenDarwin, Mac OS Forge, MS Kills Virtual PC, VMware Virtualization for Mac, RIAA, Fun with WAPs, Emusic, 300GB Holographic storage, Mini-DVD DL, Minority Report-like tactile display, USB EVDO Card, UMPC, HowardForums

  • Episode 40 (MP3) (AAC)

    Book winners - Tomek & Ralph, E-mail from Kevin P. / WGA, JHymn, Gizmo free calls, Skype protocols, NTFS Support Under Linux, Auto defragmenting in Vista, ZFS, Thumper, Microsoft Windows private folder, TrueCrypt, Firefox 2.0 Beta, Shiira, OmniWeb, Opera, Virtual PC 2004, Yahoo DRM-free songs, Microsoft foils Web spammers, YouTube's new policy, Amazon Ad-Free video service, Photo.net, Creative Commons, Optimus Three

  • Episode 39 (MP3) (AAC)

    Foundations of Ajax free books, LaCie Ethernet Disk & Embedded Windows, rdiff-backup, Microsoft Windows Genuine Advantage, Mac OS X "WGA", SCO/IBM lawsuit, Philip Morris, OfficeMax no more mail-in rebates, Microsoft exposing Vista at Black Hat 2006, Michael Lynn, Sploitcast, Microsoft WiFi-enabled iPod killer?, MS and MTV - URGE, iPods and Beer

  • Episode 38 (MP3) (AAC)

    Interview with Ryan Asleson & Nate Schutta, authors of Foundations of Ajax, Polling technology, Rails Conf '06, Google Suggest, Google Maps, Obfuscating/Compressing Javascript, JSON, XML, Debugging with JsUnit, Taconite - open source Ajax framework, Google Appliance, New book: Pro Ajax and Java, Cream Cheese, Foundations Errata file

  • Episode 37 (MP3) (AAC)

    Smackbook Update, ThinkPad, GPS Camera, Google & Thumbstacks Rumor, Bill Gates to Leave Microsoft, Aruba Linux WAPs, Alkyproject, Leopard hoax, Solaris to Linux Migration, 55 Ways to Have Fun With Google, $200 Billion Broadband Scandal, MSN/VoIP Calling, SkypeOut Free in the US, Miglia TVMicro USB, 2.4Ghz spectrum analyzer, 20" Dell laptop, Osborne, Hiding images in audio

  • Episode 36 (MP3) (AAC)

    MacBook woes, Apple snubs geeks with Darwin Intel, Apress interview, Foundations of Ajax, Ryan Asleson, Nathaniel T. Schutta, Vista Premium 2007 Requirements, Hybrid Hard Drives, Flash Memory Life, Backups, Networker, Rsync, DLT NasBackup, Supercomputer Windows, Beowulf, AMD Opteron, Google Spreadsheets, Google Office, Google Employee Perks, FEBE and CLEO, Google Browser Sync, SmackBook

  • Episode 35 (MP3) (AAC)

    Chris (UK), Dtrace on FreeBSD, Nauseous, Richard Stallman, Vista perfmon, Steve (UK), Google, Mozilla, Diggnation, Mozilla Custom Keywords, Chris (UK) Blog Posting on Free content, Leo Laporte, Apress, Open Source Sex, MacBook vent, No 12" MacBook Pro, Apple out of India, Bluetooth Car Security, U. Washington Crypto Course, Classroom Presenter

  • Episode 34 (MP3) (AAC)

    Brian Knapp Ventrilo President, Pantech G6200 and fingerprint, Monad becomes PowerShell, ODF for MS Office, SGI Bankrupt, Open-source Java, Fedora Project, Darwin and Intel, GNU Darwin, Leopard and BitTorrent, MiniTV USB, Vista minimum requirements, 3tunes, Tunatic, Apple's new MacBook, Paint & Heat Problems, Glossy Screen, 3M privacy filter, No 12 inch MacBook Pro, Screen Spanning Doctor, MacBook upgrades

  • Episode 33 (MP3) (AAC)

    Response to Matt (blog), Windows Server Update Services, Norton Ghost, Dell XPS Bloatware, AutoPatcher, Apple interested in Open Solaris ZFS, HFS, Scott McNealy steps down as Sun CEO, Sun AMD Desktops & Workstations, Net Regulation, Akamai, Freenet Project, Usenet & Google Groups, Justin Chapweske, Apple's all-seeing screen, isightcapture, Microsoft IIS loses to Apache, GoDaddy, Steve Balmer is crazy

  • Episode 32 (MP3) (AAC)

    Perlcast & Josh McAdams, TV forces ads, Mac Mini Media, AVeL LinkPlayer2, FLV, Google Videos, Youtube, KeepVid, FLV converters and players, Lisa Loeb, Nuking Windows, Deep Freeze, OS X Open-Source, Darwin, Linux is for bitches, OS X Windows Virtualization, SMS Spam, Google Calendar SMS, MonoCalendar, BackpackIt, HDCP, CSS, Macrovision, Follow-up from Tim

  • Episode 31 (MP3) (AAC)

    Apple Boot Camp follow-up, AMD accuses Intel of monopoly, Boot Camp exodus to Windows, Blizzard reassures Mac gamers, macosxhints poll, Desktop Manager, GIMP, XP Power Toys, Google Calendar, 900 MHz solutions, Dell De-Crapifier, StillSecure Snort VMWare, Ophcrack 2, Microsoft Monaco, Get a DJ name, RFID Blocking Wallet

  • Episode 30 (MP3) (AAC)

    Blues Brothers, MS owns Apple Stock?, Server woes, Nem & Kevin Brooks' Podcasting Workshop, GM Contest is over, Apple's Boot Camp, Mac Rumors, MacDrive, Virtualization & Leopard, Robert Cringeley, OS X & the XP Kernel, Captive NTFS, Run down of why we use the OS we use, Dvorak Keyboard Layout, Monad, MS Virtual Server 2005, Windows/Linux Virus, Password Recovery Speeds, Jason Fosen, iAlertU MacBook Pro alarm, Star Wars Kid

  • Episode 29 (MP3) (AAC)

    Microsoft Vista Delays, Microsoft fires Vista leaders, Noisy MacBook Pro fan, Setting the maximum volume iPod, Podzinger, BSD Ports Tree update, UMD Bites the Dust, Google Music Store, Sun Open Source DRM, Torrentspy tells the MPAA to sue Google, Sharp smallest WiFi module, Bluetooth SIG sides with Wi-Media Alliance, Dashboard PC, Free VisiCalc for the IBM PC, Self Cooling Beer Can, and Pupils See Miss in Sex Romp

  • Episode 28 (MP3) (AAC)

    GM 10K contest T-shirt slogan submissions, E-mail from Jacob on signatures, Speculation of backdoors in Vista's whole hard drive encryption, XP on Mac Intel, MacBreak, Web Based Clipboard, CRIA's Own Study Counters P2P Claims, Free Culture by Lawrence Lessig, DRM & Battery Life, Linux patching better than Mac and Windows?, Senators renew call for .xxx domains, Topless in NY, Photo.net

  • Episode 27 (MP3) (AAC)

    Ventrilo, Travis and his new Sprint phone, Email from Karsten (Germany) on Audio Watermarking, Email from Jordi (England) on Gmail, PGP, AOL Charging for E-mail, Apple's Non-Event, Mac OS X security, Virus naming, CME (Common Malware Enumeration), MITRE, Stores storing PINs, Gmail Javascript Flaw, Google Calendar Screenshots

  • Episode 26 (MP3) (AAC)

    Captive: NTFS, OS X Exploits, Google Page Creator, Google Mail/Chat, Buying on Google Base, Too much Google, Warranties (Email from James), 8 flavors of Windows Vista, Yahoo calls for DRM end, Free Culture by Lawrence Lessig, eMusic, SANS, Hacking Bluetooth, Skype and Vonage, Bluetooth Spec, UserFriendly Google Cartoon, Bluescanner, Sprint Ambassador Program, Origami

  • Episode 25 (MP3) (AAC)

    TextPayMe, First Mac OS X Virus?, Second Virus for OS X and Bluetooth, Mac OS X ZIP Shell Script, Vulnerability Can Actually Destroy Your Laptop, Virus Naming, Sony Rootkit on DVDs, Rootkit regulation, RIAA Says Ripping Cds to your iPod is NOT fair use, Free Pilot of NBC's Conviction on iTMS, Amazon music store and players, Sony's Universal Media Disc, FrontPage in New Office, Microsoft Visual Studio Express, Fixing Windows with Knoppix, Captive: NTFS read/write for Linux, Ultimate Boot CD, Laser Projectors Coming to Cell Phones and PDAs

  • Episode 24 (MP3) (AAC)

    Frappr, Newsvine, Geek Muse 10K Contest, TextPayMe, Voicemail from David Summer, Calendaring Apps, Planzo, 30 Boxes, Mozilla Calendar, iCalendar (RFC 2445), Windows OneCare, Windows Vista, Windows Live Messenger beta, Internet Explorer 7 Beta, Live Custom Domains, Gmail for your domain, Google Desktop Beta, Google and Skype Back WiFi Startup FON, Apple sued for iPod hearing loss risk

  • Episode 23 (MP3) (AAC)

    Geek Muse Frappr Map, Newsvine invites, Play-Doh fools Fingerprint systems, BIOS Rootkits, Extensible Firmware Interface (EFI), The IT Crowd, Full Drive Encryption, SafeBoot, Pointsec, PGP, SecurStar, CompuSec, WinMagic, Linux Disk Encryption, Folder and File Encryption, TrueCrypt, Cypherix, AxCrypt, FileVault, Mac OSX sparse secure image, Knox, Linux Encryption links, OpenSolaris xlofi, "The Contest": Dual Boot XP/OSX on a MacBook Pro, Geek Muse 10K contest

  • Episode 22 (MP3) (AAC)

    Geek Muse Frappr Map, SploitCast, Gmail e-mail address dot "feature/bug" confirmed, Sendmail with "plus" signs, Microsoft extends XP Home support to 2008, Windows XP Service Pack 3: Not Until 2007, iMac Intel Core Duo vs iMac PPC, Microsoft Windows Services for UNIX, MacBook Pro vs. PowerBook G4, Expresscard, Digg vs. Slashdot, Newsvine, CS Students Outsource Homework, Rent A Coder \n

  • Episode 21 (MP3) (AAC)

    Special guest Jessica joins the show, MS FAT FS Patent & Licensing, Grocery store fingerprint payment system, MySQL gets U.S. Gov. Thumbs up, Google PC to be made by Wyse?, Google Pack (for Windows), iPod hacks on Wikipedia, Open Source Sex Podcast, Wireless MP3 player, iTunes Mini-Store privacy scare, Wi-Fi Boombox , & iPod T.P. Dispenser

  • Episode 20 (MP3) (AAC)

    Frappr Map, Podcasts a guy thing?, Firefox File Sharing Extension, Belkin Cable-Free USB Hub, Bluetooth, Secunia Windows Advisory for WMF files, sploitcast, Windows XP Home Edition support to end with 2006, VMWare Secure Browser Appliance, Upcoming Mac announcements at Macworld on Tuesday, iLife 06, and Tunatic Music Identifier

  • Episode 19 (MP3) (AAC)

    Email from Mirko V. on S-video, Brian G. on DNS root servers, Microsoft Ends IE for Mac, IE Tab extension for Fixefox (Windows Only), MS to use the Firefox RSS icon, Two Open Document Standards Better Than One?, Microsoft and MTV to Launch Music Service, NBC joins iTunes Video store, Apology For PearLyrics, Wireless USB is Here?: Gizmodo, Firewire vs. USB, Our X-Mas lists

  • Episode 18 (MP3) (AAC)

    Python Bashing on Geek Muse by Jeremy Jones, Lisp, Top level DNS servers, Blog entry by Peter Chen, Barcode scamming, E-mail from Dave V, The Gimp, Photoshop , Aperture, Canon's DPP (Digital Photo Professional), iPhoto, ACDSee, Photoshop Elements, iView Medio Pro, Photo Mechanic, GIMPshop, Picasa, MESH networks, AJAX sucks?, Gmail RSS, Hak.5, IBM Model M keyboard, P2P Clogging, Podcast is the new word of the year, RSS Toilet Paper Printer

  • Episode 17 (MP3) (AAC)

    Unsecured WiFi may become illegal New York, Google Base Porn Fixed, Webcrawler, ICANN xxx scrapped, Sony DRM Update, Albums with Sony "rootkit" on them, DRM defeated by sticky tape, GPL License, NY AG found CDs still on shelves/being sold, 300Gb DVD-like disk, Outsourcing to Rural Areas, $100 laptop update, Pandora, Firefox 1.5, Gizmo Project Voicemail, Yahoo Mail Beta + RSS Feeds, IE Trojan, Secunia advisory for IE flaw

  • Episode 16 (MP3) (AAC)

    Tip o' the Week?, Del.icio.us, Black Friday, Travis and I both like our Canon S400/S410 PowerShot Digital Elph cameras, Travis' New Camera Fund, Tips from the Top Floor, Iomega Dazzle, Canon Digital Rebel's price drop, Canon 5D, Canon cameras use a CMOS sensor, Multi-layer CCD, Image Stabilization, Eating Contests, Radiant Vista, Norman Koren, Natalie Portman, Garden State, Modifying Photos?, Unmanipulated Photos, Chicago Uncommon by Dawn Mikulich

  • Episode 15 (MP3) (AAC)

    Our first voicemail! (from Mark), Sony DRM continues, JHmyn removes the Apple DRM, Napster's music serivce, Connecting your MP3/Laptop/Audio device to your car, Cars to get USB ports soon, 6 Ways to Link iPods to Car Radios, Ad Supported Windows, MS To Launch Internet Versions of Office And Windows, The iCal RFC, calendar.google.com, WebCalendar, Evolution

  • Episode 14 (MP3) (AAC)

    Learning Linux/UNIX, Slackware, Mandriva, RedHat, Gentoo, Knoppix, Gnoppix, OpenSolaris LiveCD, Sony DRM installs as a Root Kit, EULA, emusic

  • Episode 13 (MP3) (AAC)

    Podcast University update, Google Base and the death of eBay, Google Wireless still makes no sense, BlueTrip the iPod bluetooth transmitter, Russian blackmailing virus, OpenOffice 2.0 update, utorrent (Micro Torrent), Samsung 19 inch Laptop, and a sequel to the X-Files movie.

  • Episode 12 (MP3) (AAC)

    Corrections, iPod/MP3 players, iPod recording, Podcast Universities, OpenOffice 2.0, eBay bans non-PayPal services, hidden printer codes revealed & cracked, Picotux, and Smoothwall

  • Episode 11 (MP3) (AAC)

    200Gb iPod hack, Python on Rails, Training Geeks, California Video game bans, Yahoo! Chat bans under 18, ebay sellers may need auctioneer's license, Yahoo! & MSN to join protocols, Apple announces video iPod, new iMac, and new iTunes, Microsoft Media Center, IO Data AVel LinkPlayer, PocketDish, EU/ICANN and root DNS servers

  • Episode 10 (MP3) (AAC)

    Do-it-yourself MP3 player, $100 Linux Laptop research, create video of your desktop with VNC2SWF, Office 12 to include PDF support, Microsoft & play-once DVDs, Linux replaced by Windows for SAP installation, VoIP Security, FAT patents, Cool AJAX apps

  • Episode 9 ( MP3) (AAC)

    iTunes 5.0 problems, Google Wireless & VPN, Massachusettes goes with OpenDoc standard, PCs are relics, Difficult Computer Jargon, Entertainment round-up

  • Episode 8 ( MP3) (AAC)

    Ruby on Rails, Sun Blasts Dell with new ads, IE vs. Firefox flaws, Microsoft updates more frequently, Dell ships laptops with Mandriva, iTunes 5 does video/vodcasting, Attack of the Static Man

  • Episode 7 ( MP3) (AAC)

    Hello to new iTunes listeners, Nano and ROKR, Windows XP on a keychain, NerdTV and similar shows, Windows Vista to have seven differint flavors, Vista hardware requirements, Nano news, FAT32 limitations, FEMA requires IE, Massachusetts moves to OpenOffice, Secretaries sacked over e-mail flame war

  • Episode 6 ( MP3) (AAC)

    Geek Muse finally in iTunes, the new iTunes Phone (ROKR), Mac Mini trial disappears, one-time use digital cameras & USB connectors, OS on your keychain, Mo-bo with Top Hat BIOS protection, Gizmo, Mac OS X for UNIX Geeks, The World is Flat, and call centers

  • Episode 5 ( MP3) (AAC)

    OSX on Intel, Proximity Devices & society, gizmag.com, nTag, MakeZine, XXX domain, ICANN, Apple & Microsoft Patents, Solaris vs. Linux, Zotab Worm, RAZRWire & Thump, Das Keyboard, Hybrid Vehicles & oil company conspiracies

  • Episode 4 ( MP3) (AAC)

    Geek Muse iTunes feed, Mac OSX on Intel, Windows Vista & OpenGL, Sunbelt & spyware, Chip Salzenberg, Patent Overflow, Tivo & Downloading shows, Embedded Devices, LG Appliances, Canon Wireless, Shoes, Encryption

  • Episode 3 ( MP3) (AAC)

    Episode 1 update, Episode 2 update, Windows Vista & Monad, Apple's Mighty Mouse, Firefox searching tip, IE vs Firefox (expandability), Spyware, Active Monito ring Systems, Bluetooth, Privacy, VoIP on Cell phones

  • Episode 2 ( MP3) (AAC)

    RFID tags, Open/Unsecured Wireless access points, Opera and integrated BitTorrent support, MicroSoft announces Windows Vista, Konfabulator now free from YaHoo!, PalmOS 6 to run on Linux kernel

  • Episode 1 ( MP3) (AAC)

    FCC & Morse Code, Certifications, Blue LEDs, OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode), Migration to Apple OSX from UNIX/Windows, Program start-up pollution on Windows, Gaming - PC vs. consoles, High Def. Television, Google Moon & Cheese!, PSP complaints, Google Maps, Old people and robots

  • Introduction (MP3) (AA C)

    Introduction to Geek Muse